Glen's ol' diesel pump

I was exploring the fens near Soham and Prickwillow, looking into all the nooks and crannies and discovered this old diesel pump. I was scrabbling around in the nettles when I was questioned by a local farmer dressed in a boiler suit and sporting a pair of old wellingtons. After convincing him that I was a harmless photographer with an interest in the local landscape, we got chatting.

Glen describes himself as a small holder and told me his family has been working on the land for generations. I learnt about the ins and outs of farming beans and the problems with the bean fly. Glen Brookes has seen a lot of changes in the land and knows every inch of his 300 acres of fields. Now in his 60's hes taking life a bit easier and only personally farming 100 acres himself, It was interesting to hear about the problems with the shrinking peat and the soil erosion that results in the loss of the precious topsoil. Time seems to stand still in Prickwillow but Glen notices the differences year on year and understands the fragility of this stark landscape.

I returned to my diesel pump and decided to opt for a close in shot with a view of the road so I could catch the odd tractor passing by to give a bit of context. This little beauty wont be good to photograph much later in the year, as all the nettles will be waist height. Facing east, the mid afternoon light skimmed across the diesel pump, any later and the sun would be behind the trees and the pump plunged into the shadows. So I was just in time. I waited until the sun was slightly filtered  by some cloud to avoid the creation of too harsh shadows. Potentially a rather busy scene but getting in closer provided a bit more simplicity and 'focus' on the subject.

17-40, lens , hand held . f/11.  ISO 100 . Converted to BW using  Silver EFEX


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