Bloomin Spring

Spring is Blooming in Cambridge. I awoke early on Saturday to see thick fog which is always a useful element for making photographs,  just a little more light and a hint of sun would be ideal. Conditions change so rapidly on these spring mornings so I headed into Cambridge to make some images around the colleges in anticipation of some extra light breaking through the fog. It is a real bonus in photography as the fog and mist can add a lot more softness of light into much later into the morning.  I went back to the lovely avenue on the backs at Trinity college which was bursting with white daffodils and red tulips, which were a wonderful addition to the cherry trees in blossom.

The college porters can be a bit awkward if you get a tripod out so i decided to up the ISO and shoot hand held. Not my ideal but OK. It was a bit grey early on but the soft morning light was beginning to burn the fog off and shine sunlight into the avenue. I decided to go high key as there were no clouds in the sky and get the expose correct for the trees and flowers. Although the highlights were blown on the camera JPG on live view, I was confident that there would still be some detail in the whites in the RAW files (if I needed it).

Since there were cars in the avenue, I decided to focus on the tulips and cherry trees and enjoy that morning light dancing on the wet grass.

In processing the image, I decided to blow out all the sky highlights and continue with the high key feel of the image. Fresh and white.
Spring here we come!!


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