Dedicated to Sandy Wilson

This blog post is dedicated to Sandy Wilson, who sadly passed away last week.

Sandy was a keen and talented photographer who emailed me regularly on many arty subjects including photography. He kept me up to date with all the latest exhibitions and his latest exploits. He regularly checked out my blog and gave me email feedback.

Sandy you were a ray of sunshine and you will be sadly missed.

This image was taken in Thetford forest at midday, mist and the winter sun helped provide this image with some interesting light. I hope you approve Sandy.


  1. I have known Sandy for over 34 years and his knowledge on all subjects never failed to amaze me , he accompanied me to all the camera clubs away battles and help me not only put up the clubs exhibitions but also my own art ones as well as nothing seemed too much trouble , our in depth conversations on our journeys will be sadly missed as he will be
    Rest in peace Sandy John Randall sec./comp.sec.APC

  2. (Posted this email message from Steve D)

    As a new member of the club that Sandy had been a stalwart member of for many a year, I regrettably only knew him these past 12 months. And yet Sandy inspires me - present tense intended - with his love of seeing, his grace in turning the ordinary into something numinous and his capacity for making an activity as humble as taking a picture feel like a dedication. Sandy is a master teacher whose love for his craft and his desire to share it will remain.

    Rest well, Sandy.

    Steve D


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