The Fenland challenge

The fens consists of an agricultural landscape, the water draining channels of dykes and ditches that were carved into the flooded and marshy land allowed the farmers access to the rich soil. These drains prevent the farmed land from flooding but have brutally changed the environment over the last 200 years. The Fens are flat, desolate, with a subdued atmosphere with large skies. Trying to capture this atmosphere is my challenge.


  1. Beautiful, as always. But the Fens remain a mystery to one who has no direct experience. Photos always focus on the desolate. Are these areas currently productive farmland in season? Or permanently abandoned, wrecked marshland, the byproduct of an earlier era of agriculture?

  2. Yes the Fens is still a very productive environment, the dark peaty soil has still much of its richness to be exploited. I am currently focusing on the wilder parts of the fens but I must not avoid revealing some aspects of the the farming industry as it is so strongly integrated into the fenland landscape.

  3. Another image strongly suggesting the drained lake area where I lived my first several years --- redwing blackbirds in the cattails were a favorite sight.


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