Train journey

A glancing view, passing trains meet and my iphone is at hand. Passing trains on the station and looking over to the other carriage always reminds me of the Woody Allen film 'Star Dust Memories'.

 Woody Allen is trapped on a train with sad, depressed losers, the film is in black and white. He can see another train, with beautiful people on it. The train is shown in radiant colour and everyone is having the time of their lives. Woody seems to think he belongs elswhere, he does not want to resign himself to this grey world of uglyiness and boredom, so he tries to escape but fails. It has been an enduring memory for me, which train am I on? can I change trains? is the train of winners only an illusion?


  1. Creatively framed -- fitting that the guy in the window appears to be rather pensive. Maybe he's wondering if he belongs elsewhere... ;-) Though I'm a fan of Woody Allen films, somehow I missed 'Star Dust Memories.' Loved 'Midnight in Paris' -- the photography and soundtrack are mouthwatering. I've watched it a half dozen times, and the Hemingway dialog always cracks me up. :-)

  2. Thanks for the comment. it can be a thoughtful time spending time on the train. You give yourself permission to do nothing and let the brain work instead. Valuable!

  3. I tracked down a copy of Stardust Memories, and watched it tonight. An easy movie to put the conscious on hold and enjoy the b/w imagery -- interesting that the tasty sound track occasionally foreshadows that of Midnight in Paris. I think it was good that Woody got his 8 1/2 out of the way early in his career... :)


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